Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When is the next match at Kings Newton? You can see all home fixtures from the various links on our links page, visit our Facebook page or view the notice board outside the club gate. You could also just pop in if passing and see a game in progress. Our events page will be regularly updated.

Do I need to live in Kings Newton to join your club? Absolutely not, we have members that live up to 20 miles away. Most of our members live in Melbourne. Wherever you live you are more than welcome to come and join.

How much does it cost to join for one year? Full Members £55, Social Member £10 and Junior Member £10 see our constitution document for definitions of these options. If you want to play in the leagues and you have never played in a league or been registered with a league before then you must pay onetime £12 league registration fee, via us and to the British Crown Green Bowling Association.

If I join then when can I play? If you join as a Full Member you can play anytime you want while the green is open and a match is not being played. The green usually opens early March and closes in October. You can obtain a key to the clubhouse so that you can play / practice even if no one else is there.

How much does it cost to play if I am not a member? First time is always free. If you want to continue playing without joining then we charge £2 per visit or £5 per month with unlimited visits.

Can I use the bar if I am not a member? Yes, we just need you to sign the visitor book. If you use the bar regularly then you really should consider joining as a social member for £10 per year. The bar is cheap compared to pubs and you will easily save your membership fee after a few visits.

How do I join? Download, complete and return our application form

How do I get started? Best way is to pop in one Sunday between March and October and between 1 pm and 5 pm. There will be people at the club to help you get started. You can use club bowls until you feel a need to buy your own set.

Is there a dress code? The only requirement for dress that we have is there to protect the green. You must wear flat soled shoes e.g. trainers. You can also bowl bare foot if you like 🙂

I won’t be good enough or don’t feel confident to play in the leagues. Most people find bowls surprisingly difficult at first. It requires a few hours of practice before you will start to get a feel for it. While you are learning you will really notice yourself getting better. You don’t have to play in the leagues but if you want to then you can be introduced to it in a way that you feel comfortable with.

What is the minimum age allowed to play on the green? We don’ have one but a responsible adult must accompany children and keep younger children under control. We are quite relaxed about children on the green as long as no damage to the surface or distraction to member’s games is occurring. Come on a Sunday afternoon and you’ll get a feel for it, its a great way for families to spend an afternoon. Children tend to get a lot of satisfaction from bowling because the rate of improvement is quite dramatic, if you can keep them going for a few weeks they will be quite proud of how they bowl compared to when they started. There is no minimum age for playing in the leagues so if juniors are keen enough then they could play for one of our teams.

Who keeps your gardens looking so lovely? We are lucky enough to have a team of Members that volunteer their time to do this. They tend to work every Tuesday morning and would welcome more help. The team enjoy the time gardening and have plenty of tea breaks and biscuits. If you would like to help just let us know contact us.

I’m on my own and feel uncomfortable coming to a club where I don’t know anyone. That’s a very natural concern and we have all been in that position at some point. The first time is always going to be difficult so why not make the leap now. You will be made very welcome and after a few visits you will have a lot of new friends. We want new people to come and join us. Pop up on a Sunday, it is very relaxed and friendly.

What leagues do you play in? Have a look at our links page, we have several Men’s, Ladies and Mixed Teams playing in the local leagues. We travel as far as 20 miles for away matches but most are closer and we tend to share the driving. Someone will always give you a lift to matches even if you don’t drive yourself.

I just want to play socially and I’m not interested in playing for a team. That’s absolutely fine. During the season you can arrange to meet up with friends at the club and have what we call a “roll up”. People that do play in the league will welcome the practice. You could organise a regular get together for a small group and play completely for fun whenever there isn’t a match on.

I’m disabled, what facilities have you got that can help me visit the club? Our clubhouse is not ideal for this. We will do what we can to make your visit comfortable but it depends what your needs are. We plan to improve this situation and we are in the process of applying for funding to build a more modern and inclusive facility – watch this space.

I’m interested in sponsoring the club, who should I contact. Contact us through the website and our Chairman will get back to you to start the discussion.

Can I use your venue for a party, meeting or a group event? Yes – see our club hire policy.

Do you have people certified to deliver first aid? Yes – Pat and Steve attended the first aid training in 2017.

Do you have a welfare officer? Yes – Steve attended the course in 2017. See our Safeguarding Policy.

Do you allow dogs at the club? Yes as long as they are kept under control. Dogs are not allowed to go on to the green at any time and obviously any mess should be immediately cleaned up. If a dog is proving to be a nuisance by barking or running around too much then you may be asked to remove it. Dogs looked after by responsible owners are not a problem.

I’m already a member, what can I do to help with the day to day running of the club? Thank you, we want more members to help with this and shouldn’t have to rely on a small few doing so much. Please volunteer to clean the club, help with gardening, maintenance, help run events, contributing to social media / website news or help post flyers and newsletters etc.

How is bowls played? Click this link to watch a helpful video on Youtube.