Rules for re-opening of bar during Covid-19 restrictions

Temporary Covid-19 rules for re-opening of the bar

COVID-19 is still a real threat, we can only open if all of us follow the new safety precautions

The following rules must be followed by anyone using our club until such time that the restrictions are lifted. If anyone persistently breaks these rules then we will stop opening the bar until a further review of safety has been completed.

If you have any symptoms or live with someone who has symptoms, then please follow government rules and stay home.

Use of the bar

  1. All visitors must sign the attendance book when arriving and sign out when they leave.
    1. Record time in / time out
    2. Sign to say that you have read, understood and commit to following these rules.
  2. Every time and before you enter the clubhouse you must sanitise your hands.
  3. A maximum of 30 people will be allowed to be at the club at any time.
    1. First come first served basis.
  4. Social distancing must be followed at all times both inside and outside the club.
  5. No more than six people at any table.
  6. No swapping tables i.e. moving from one group to another.
    1. Before leaving, use sanitiser to sanitise your chair for use by the next person
  7. Gents and Ladies toilets to have one person at a time (use the vacant/occupied sign)
    1. Use the occupied / vacant sign on entry/ exit
    2. Wash hands for 20 seconds.
    3. Use sanitiser spray on toilet and surfaces after use
    4. Wait for vacant sign while maintaining social distancing rules
    5. Use paper towels to dry hands
    6. Put all paper towels in the bin
  8. Contactless payment at the bar is preferred
    1. One person at the bar only
    2. No drinking at the bar
    3. Each group to nominate one person to order and collect drinks
  9. One person allowed in kitchen area at a time
    1. Sanitise hands before making tea / coffee
  10. One person allowed behind the bar at a time
    1. Sanitise hands after handling cash
  11. Children under the age of 14 to remain within 2 metres of the adult responsible for them
  12. Cover your nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing


Temporary bowling rules

  1. Only full members can bowl (even on Sunday)
  2. Booking a slot with Graham Leech is required, whether the bar is open or not
  3. Do not touch other people’s bowls / jacks
  4. Do not shake hands and maintain distancing while playing bowls
  5. Return jacks to sanitising bucket after use
  6. No more than 6 people allowed on or around the green at any time.